Lucky: a free lace knitting stitch pattern

This is a really beautiful pattern! Check out the details…

String Geekery

The word I drew from my word hoard for this stitch pattern is Lucky, suggested by Natasha on Patreon. I like the word, and I like the result!

Each month, my Patreon backers have the chance to suggest words for me to encode as knitting stitches. I make two of these into knitting stitches each month: the first is drawn from the collection of new words; the second is drawn from the collection of unused words. A random number generator helps me choose these, and then I get to work, first turning the letters into numbers, then charting the numbers onto grids in various ways. Finally, when I make the chart into lace, I turn the marked squares into yarnovers and work out where to place the corresponding decreases. (I usually make lace; occasionally I make cables instead.) I also make a chart for any craft that uses…

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Five Tips For Commuter Knitting — Did You Make That?

I love this blog post about knitting on the go. There are some great tips shared here!

Having spent a year knitting my Heaven And Space Shawl on commutes around the world, I thought I’d share a few tips I have learnt! This shawl has gone on holidays, retreats, trains, through airport security, smuggled into meetings and even to the pub. It’s kept me calm, sane and occupied at key times when […]

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