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It Isn’t Selfish, It’s Just Knitting — Yards of Happiness

Such a great post! Knitting can be an integral part of self-care – don’t ever feel bad for knitting just for you!

I always see Knit alongs and suggestions for projects in January that are labeled as “selfish” knitting. Meaning, knitting that you’re doing for yourself can be seen as selfish. I’ve said it myself because that’s what it has been called, but I’ve decided I don’t like that adjective. It’s just knitting. I realized years ago […]

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Knitting Pattern: 6 Stitch Offset Parallel Cable — Crafting Delight

Look how gorgeous this knit stitch is! I think this one is perfect for last-minute holiday knitting!


Warm Up Ohio

The Offset Parallel cable uses the very basic cable stitch. But just a slight twist in the normal scheme of knitting creates a distinctive cable pattern that has a bold look on your fabric. As a panel, it has a great bold look and yet it can easily be inserted into other designs with a […]

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Toys to Warm the Heart

Do you like knitting or crocheting little toys? I find it to be terrifying but exciting at the same time. As a novice knitter, certain shapes just look too hard still, but I’ve found a few basic patterns and made my first teddy bear recently:

Yes, he may kind of look like a mutant, but I also think he’s pretty cute! Still, I wondered if it would be worth it to make more toys since they’re not what I think of as things that can be donated to charity. However, when I was showing a picture to a family friend, she asked me if I was donating it to a police station. I was really confused, so she explained that a lot of police departments take donations of toys. Officers keep them in their vehicles to give out to frightened children. I thought this was really great, so now I’m more excited to get started on more toys!

Have you donated any yarncraft toys to the police or any charities? What are your favorite toys to knit? Be sure to let me know in the comment section! 

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